Our Story

Our Love Story

How we met and fall in love..


It’s all begin on September 2007, our first day as a medical student

When people ask about our story, I would remember a conversation I had with one of my best friend, Pipit. Seven years ago, I asked her a question “Pit, have you ever felt like you didn’t interest to someone, you didn’t love him. But, somehow you felt that he will be your soulmate?”

Yup! That’s my question to Pipit and if you guessed that the man was Juan, you’re correct.  First time I met Juan was on the campus, we were in the same major and also on the same tutorial group. I though we were close enough. Even some of our friends think that we're in open the relationship. But I always said "of course not" to answer the rumor. Juan and I were unavailable at that time. Actually, Juan was tempting me but I did not realize that, and also there are three another people he tempting.

I don’t like playboy and I said no to him when he flirt. I said “Ju, can you stop flirting on me? I don’t like you actually” Since then, Juan and I were like a cat and a dog.

As time goes by, we completed the preclinical studies in 3.5 years. After that, it's our time to enter the clinic things, called “coass”. Unintentionally, Juan and I were in the same group. Therefore, we are always together in completing the coass period. Starting from the same hospital, the same class room, scolded by a consultant / lecturer, facing the exam, and even eat together.

2 years I saw Juan’s personality in his daily activities, his habit and his behavior. With the intensity of the conflict with Juan, my hatred was bigger and bigger towards Juan. I remember when I was so mad to Juan, till I kept stay away from him.

Every time when he was near, I moved my position. While I hang out with my friends and I saw him, I immediately go somewhere else. It was happened for almost one month. But after that, Juan suddenly changed to a caring person, soft, very nice to me. He often brought me a food, visited me, and always sent messages to me. At that time Juan always tried to nice to me. Entering the next month, our coass group had to learn for one month in one of the hospital in Semarang.

We started closer each other in Semarang, doing our tasks together, one study group, with a special attention from Juan, I don’t know how it started or when, that feeling, feeling of love has grows up until now.  

Mid-November 2014

At the car, after I picked up Juan from the airport, suddenly he told me. “Babe, I want marry you. I already told to my mom that I want you to be my wife.

Yes, without ring, without asking with his knee, without romantic scene, but he gave me a statement not a question. There’s no question “Will you marry me?” but a statement ”I want marry you. I want you to be my wife.

That's all. That's how he proposed me.